Lovingly hand thrown pottery … bringing warmth and personalised designs to your home, inside and out.

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You can always tell when someone puts their heart into creating something that’s both beautiful and long lasting. At Lucienne de Mauny Ceramics, Oxfordshire we consider ourselves artists and masters in our craft, evidenced in the high quality of our pottery. Our ceramics are earthy and warm, yet elegant; often whimsical in design, sometimes quirky, and definitely tactile, they cry out to be touched.

Most popular are our House Signs, closely followed by our Commemorative plaques for celebrations such as births and weddings. Created in the traditional manner, starting with the terracotta clay being hand thrown on the potter’s wheel, your house name plate will go through many production stages to ensure that it is weather resistant, frost proof, and made to last.

The Human Touch

‘The Human Touch’ is Lucienne de Mauny’s Wallingford company philosophy, and is reflected both in our creations as well as our customer service. On receiving your enquiry for a house sign or unique commemorative piece, we will spend time with you, finding out what you like and what amuses and inspires you. For instance, you may have a favourite country that you regularly visit, a fun hobby, or are smitten with a particular author, artist or musician. We aim to incorporate your thoughts and ideas into our designs in order to suit your home and personalisation requirements. We look forward to working with you.
Perfecting our craft over 35 years, and specialising in custom made ceramics, we will create that special and unique item for your home or for your loved ones. Our wide range of Pottery includes our quirkily decorated Deep Crumble Dish and Tart Dish with matching cream or custard jugs. These may be personalised and come complete with our recipes!

You may be surprised at how many stages there are in producing the pottery, from expertly throwing and shaping the terracotta clay, through to firing, decorating, glazing and finishing. Each stage demands dedicated attention to detail, ultimately creating a finished item that is unique.

Buy your House Plaques or Pottery items direct on line today, or browse our Custom Signs page and items with 'Guide Prices' for further inspiration for your own designs. Go to Why Order Our Signs to learn how our customers rate us. Do visit our Facebook page, too, for further inspiration and the very latest updates. Follow us also on Pinterest and Instagram for some visual treats and ideas. When you have something specific in mind, a marriage plate, a christening gift or any other piece of pottery to talk to Lucienne to see how she can help create that perfect pottery piece for you! Simply Contact us today to discuss your special requirements.

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