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  • Cheeses/Pizza Platter 26 cm diameter with 'cheeses'and olive motif.

    This splendid serving platter looks wonderful on the dresser or hung up and it will compliment all the other pieces in your collection. Use it for a summer selection of cheeses or serving your pizza slices al-fresco.

    • Shipping Weight: 0.9kg
  • Paté Plate

    Paté Plate, oval with handles. Use for butter too; can hang.
    • Model: B10a
  • Cream Jug


    Cream Jug. 9 x9 cms. 1 x 'Olive' motif under lip.

    A stable little jug, useful in the fridge.

  • 1 pt. Jug


    1 pt. Jug. (wide base.) 11.5 x 11.5 cms. 'Olive' motif under lip and adjacent to handle.

    A useful jug for the fridge; squat and stable.

  • “GARLIC” Jar.(shown left) 11.5cms x 10.00 cms. Ventilation holes on two sides and at base. 'Olive' motifs front and back.

    This jar will store your garlic corms and partially used pieces, tidily and decoratively, while you cook. It will also keep it in excellent condition. No more garlic 'contaminated' foodstuffs in the refridgerator.

  • 2.5pt Jug. 20 cms. ‘Olive’ motif on two sides.

    An imposing jug for serving juice al fresco.

  • Tea Mug


    Tea Mug. 9 x 10 cms. 2 motifs front and back.

    This is a comfortable mug to drink from and to hold. It keeps your drinks hot!

  • *Cup and Saucer


    Cup and Saucer. 2 x ‘Olive’ motifs back and front of cup.

    A classic form of cup and saucer for tea or coffee.

    Please allow 12 weeks for delivery.

  • Soup/Cereal Bowl. 7 x 14 cms. 3 x motifs exterior/interior.

    A useful bowl at any meal.

  • * Dessert Bowl


    Dessert Bowl. 5 x 16.5 cms. 4 x ‘Olive’ motifs interior and exterior.

    An individual shallow bowl suitable for many purposes.

    Please allow up to 12 weeks for delivery.

  • Sugar Bowl. 6. 5 x 11 cms. 2 1/2 motifs exterior/interior.

    Use for sugar or serving nibbles.

  • Coleslaw bowl


    Coleslaw Bowl.13 x 21cms. 7 x 'Olive' motifs interior/exterior and base.

    Use for any hot/cold salads.

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