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  • Blue-tit Nesting Box 15(w) x 25(h) cms.

    Encourage one of our most entertaining and delightful British birds to nest in your garden with one of these traditional nesting boxes. The entrance is made to a specific size for this species of bird. Unlike wooden boxes these will not rot. They may be lifted down and cleaned out easily from the back.

  • Cheeses/Pizza Platter 26 cm diameter with 'cheeses'and olive motif.

    This splendid serving platter looks wonderful on the dresser or hung up and it will compliment all the other pieces in your collection. Use it for a summer selection of cheeses or serving your pizza slices al-fresco.

    • Shipping Weight: 0.9kg
  • Celebrate the summer eating al fresco from these gorgeous dessert bowls: Heap them high with individual servings of summer fruits and cream, or serve the berries from our larger and matching, 'Deep Crumble” serving/baking dish. Chill it first to keep the fruit cool.

    Please select “Cherry” or “Strawberry” below when ordering.

  • 'The Holly and the Ivy' Serving platter 26 cms. Motif: Holly with berries and ivy spriggs.

    Use this platter to serve up any Christmas treat: warm up for mince pies or pile high with turkey sandwiches.

  • These smaller sized dessert bowls are perfect for entertaining, for serving smaller portions of rich sweets and for making individual portions of desserts such as jelly or trifle in advance.

    Please select “Cherry” or “Strawberry” below when ordering.

  • Lasagne Dish


    Lasagne Dish with two handles. 4pt.

    Here is the brand new version of our Lasagne Dish: A little larger as requested, and designed specifically to compliment your other pots from the “Fish + Savouries Collection”
    Have fun being prompted by this “FARFALLE/FUSILLI/CONCHIGLIE” design, to try out some new pasta shapes in your recipes.

  • Alsace Onion Tart Dish. 3 x 25 cms. Motif “Red onion”.

    You will receive Lucienne's recipe for her “Alsace Onion Tart” with this dish, another pot in this collection, to enjoy cooking and serving food in.

  • Paté Plate

    Paté Plate, oval with handles. Use for butter too; can hang.
    • Model: B10a
  • Tea Mug


    Tea Mug. 9 x 10 cms. 2 motifs front and back.

    This is a comfortable mug to drink from and to hold. It keeps your drinks hot!

    • Model: 10
    • Shipping Weight: 0.22kg
  • Sugar Bowl with two handles. 15 x 6 cms. 2 x Poppy motifs, 1 either side.

    A traditional form of bowl for sugar that is easily passed round the table! Use it also for serving jams or other condiments.

    Model: 37-Poppy

  • Coffee Mug. 3 x 2.8 cms.Motif: “Garland Christmas holly”.

    This little mug is light and and comfortable to hold.

  • Tea Mug. 9 x 10 cms.(pictured right) 2 motifs front and back, Christmas robin cake-Holly and berries.

    This is a comfortable mug to drink from and to hold. Drinks stay much hotter in our mugs than many other heavier pottery available – perfect for warming Christmas drinks and soups!

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