Delftware House Name Sign 26 cm diam – Shepherd
13th October 2015
Delftware House Name Sign 26 cm diam – Dutch Cottage
13th October 2015
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Delftware House Name Sign 26 cm diam – Windmill


Delftware style House Name Plaque with Prussian Blue lettering. Image: Windmill in cobalt blue tones on an ivory ground.All shapes and sizes of windmills once dotted our landscape inspiring past paintress' of pottery. It is still an image that resonates with us in the 21st century in our quest for renewable sources of energy.

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Lucienne de Mauny Ceramics and Mia Sarosi Ceramics collaborate to bring you this timeless design which draws inspiration from from the Dutch tin-glazed and English slip-decorated earthenware traditions. The design is hand painted in cobalt using a range of brushes. The nature of this process dictates that there will be slight tonal variations from the original shown. Custom imagery is also available in this style.


  • Model: DW-windmill
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