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  • A very personal piece to commemorate the 50th wedding anniversary of Vivien and Peter whose son commissioned the piece. The life affirming symbol of the sun commemorates 50 golden years and is surrounded by motifs significant to the family: the flowers, the spoon, computer and skateboard representing the 5 great grandchildren

    Guide price: £350.00

  • Blue-tit Nesting Box 15(w) x 25(h) cms.

    Encourage one of our most entertaining and delightful British birds to nest in your garden with one of these traditional nesting boxes. The entrance is made to a specific size for this species of bird. Unlike wooden boxes these will not rot. They may be lifted down and cleaned out easily from the back.

  • This traditional design of wheat stalks features the lettering following the upper rim of the plaque and the ground colour is carried over the rim with the rim being fully glazed. This design looks particularly good on rendered, dark or stone exteriors.


    Maximum number of letters/characters  = 20.

    • Model: CHN5/DKgr-rimCr-tradwt

  • These smaller sized dessert bowls are perfect for entertaining, for serving smaller portions of rich sweets and for making individual portions of desserts such as jelly or trifle in advance.

    Please select “Cherry” or “Strawberry” below when ordering.

  • Alsace Onion Tart Dish. 3 x 25 cms. Motif “Red onion”.

    You will receive Lucienne's recipe for her “Alsace Onion Tart” with this dish, another pot in this collection, to enjoy cooking and serving food in.

  • Deep Crumble Dish as recommended by Sophie Grigson, BBC Television Presenter and Cookery Writer.

    You will receive Lucienne's recipe for her “Nutty Crumble” (see below) with this dish, one of our most popular items. Here it is in our new 'Cherry Berry' design – all that scrumptious fruit- a baking dish you will love to have on display as well as use. Team it up with its companion 'Cherry Berry' Sauce jug to make a stunning gift set.

  • Floral Bold Exterior House Number Plaque. Conker brown characters on Ivory ground. Motif: Snowdrops.

    A number plaque with delicate floral motifs, easily read from a distance.

    Choose up to two numbers for this design.

  • Country Choice Exterior House Sign. Prussian Blue lettering on Ivory ground. Number in 'Cottage' style
    Image: Stylised Partridge in a Pear Tree

    Here is one of our stylised birds, inspired by a Christmas theme but certainly suitable and decorative for any exterior the year round.

    You may have one line of letters/characters round the bottom with the number (up to 3 nos.) at the top :The maximum number of characters/spaces for the name including any spaces =11. the lettering colours available are Prussian Blue(as shown) or Green.

    • Model: CCHN7-ib-PartPearTr

  • Healthy-Eating Dinner Plate 27 cm diameter.

    A platter to use for dinner depicting in a decorative manner the recommended portions of vegetables, protein and carbohydrates for a healthy diet.

  • Banana Bowl


    Banana Bowl

    A much neater option than hanging your bunch of bananas on a hook! The pierced walls and base of this beautiful ivory bowl  allow your fruits to ripen evenly. Come the summer, rinse and serve your soft fruits using this piece.

    (Please note that the pattern of the hand pierced design may vary slightly)

  • Floral Exterior House Name Plate. Prussian Blue lettering on Ivory ground. Motif: Honeysuckle garland.

    Honeysuckle and its foliage is a favourite theme: This motif of honeysuckle forms a continuous garland round the plaque and the lettering is slightly smaller than our other plaques as a result. Choose green lettering for an even softer look.

    You may have 1 line of letters/characters: Maximum number of letters/characters in the line = 8; the lettering colours available are Prussian Blue (as shown) or Green.

  • House Number plaque 26 cms. Blue numerals/'Cottage' font. Image : gull

    This striking image of a flying sea gull would suit any exterior and is an appropriate image for situations requiring a nautical or seaside theme. Any of our images of birds are now available in this format with your house number in 'Cottage' font.  To choose another bird for this format with the number at the top in a 'Cottage' font, simply browse our category House Name Plaques>Bird and request the image by name and sample in the comments box at the time of ordering ie: “HURLEY LOCK” -heron
    You can have up to 3 numerals and there is a choice of 3 colours, blue, green and brown.

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