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All weather resistant, frost proof House Number and Name Plaques and Signs. Commemorative Plates & Tableware by Lucienne de Mauny.Ceramics that enhance your home, inspire your cooking and your personalstyle.

VALENTINES DAYis round the corner - treat your Best Beloved with one of our decorative yet practical Sweetheart Dishes-CLICK left on BE MY VALENTINE

Your house plaque design can be as simple or as detailed, as witty or as whimsical as you wish: Email or call us (01491 833541) to discuss your ideas for your unique sign for your home or browse some of our latest commissions for inspiration:

FORLATESTUPDATES about events andnew workfindus onFacebook - this is where we 'blog': Please like and followus!

Wewill be at a number of local and Arts Markets through the year. We kick off with the Abingdon market of Excellence on January 30th. Then we will be at The'Wallingford Local Producers' Market' Saturdays 10.00-13.00. at the Regal Centre on5th/13th February 12th/19th March.See you there.
About the artist/potter: see Lucie de Mauny in action 

Birth Plaque

Christening Plaque

Commemorative Plaque

Commemorative plates

Birth Plates-
from 47.00

Christening Plates-
from 47.00

Commemorative Plaques-
from 47.00

Commemorative Plates

House Signs Custom

House Name Plaques

House Number Plaques

House Sign & Number from 69.50

House Signs Custom

House Name Plates-
from 69.00

House Number Plaques-
from 33.00

House Sign & Number-
from 74.00

Commemorative Pottery


Special Editions

Terracotta Collection

Commemorative Pottery


Special Editions

Terracotta Collection


We have been producing handmade studio pottery, including ceramic house plaques, commemorative plates, anniversary gifts and distinctive tableware, specializing in custom made, bespoke and personalised designs for over 30 years. Our "pre-designed" ranges of plaques are available to buy online. Our baby name plates and plaques make excellent christening gifts. We offer house plates to enhance any home exterior and if you are looking for something individual and unique to you, please contact us to discuss your ideas and for prices. >>
Prices start from under 40.

Call us: 01491 833541 to place your order by telephone if you prefer.

Signs in wood can rot, name plates in metal are dear, slate plaques often don't suit an exterior: Order your unique ceramic sign that's made to last, from us on-line today.
Studio Pottery Oxfordshire  

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